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EVO2 PRCS Elite (Colorado Drone Charger)

EVO2 PRCS Elite (Colorado Drone Charger)

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EVO2 PRCS Elite - New!

The new EVO2 PRCS Elite system can charge up to four (4) Evo2 Model XE3 7100 batteries and one (1) flight controller simultaneously in record time. The EVO2 will charge batteries with a discharge level of 15%, to 97% - 100% in an average time of just 71 minutes. For our customers, that means less batteries to charge in less time, and more time in the air.

The EVO2 is designed to work with modified Sine Wave generators, inverters and alternate power sources. It features CDC Intelligent Charging for safety and speed: current, voltage & temperature management.

Charges Evo2 Model XE3 7100 batteries to a 90% charge in
55 minutes and 98%+ in 65-75 minutes.

All Colorado Drone ChargersTM products come with a two-year warranty. We stand by our products.

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