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FPV Tactical Command Case - 24" screen

FPV Tactical Command Case - 24" screen

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Kit Includes:

1- Tactical Operations FPV Case with 19" or 24" HD Screen (24" Wheeled hard case with handle)

Exterior Dimensions: 24.3" x 16.0" x 10.10" - Interior Dimensions: 22.12" x 13.54" x 8.50".

1- 24" Custom foam padding insert that allows customization (or can be removed for open storage)

1- Wireless Streaming HDMI module supports IOS, Android, Crystal Sky and Smart Controllers

1- Dual HDMI Switch Box- Allows multiple aircraft to be connected

1- 15' HDMI Cable

1- 143 Mwh Power Supply and Wall Charger (runs screen 4-6 hours)

Free Tech Support as needed to ensure you get the most of your purchase.

Longer Range Wireless HDMI Transmission system (as found on Amazon) are also an option the unit powers the receiver, the transmitter plugs into HDMI port , and small power supply used to power the transmitter on the RC controller. This

Autel Evo users can easily connect the new flight deck transmitter to the HDMI in and have live wireless image back to the fully standalone FPV station.

Another option is adding a WinStick for Windows OS, or Chrome Bit forChrome OS for large screen display (NOT Included) that allows post processing on site are available and come with small Bluetooth keyboard that allows logging into web pages. For this option please let us know and we will quote current price (FAA, LANNC, RTMP, YouTube Live, Facebook Live) and if you subscribe to one of the many new cloud based streaming services for Drones (Dronesense, UGCS, Drone SAR, Teradek) the Windows OS or Chrome OS allow you to access there web pages via internet browser and stream back to command centers screen.

Secondary applications include perfect tailgating set up for watching the game via the live stream apps on the fire stick or any streaming device.

This product was designed and Made in the USA. Special orders can also be done if the user has a specific request or would like a larger style case.

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