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Freefly ASTRO LR1 Thermal Upgrade

Freefly ASTRO LR1 Thermal Upgrade

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Add-on camera module to add LWIR thermal imaging to your LR1 payload on Astro!

This thermal module and its specific counterweight* is user installable and mounts to the LR1 Payload with 4 screws and plugs into the expansion port. Once installed, users can switch between the main LR1 camera and thermal camera through Astro's live video feed. 

  • Flir Boson 640

    • 640 x 512 resolution Radiometric LWIR camera

    • <40mK sensitivity

    • 13.6mm (63mm full frame equivalent) lens

  • 92g installed weight

  • Geotagged images 

  • Spot metering 

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