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LR1 Laser Range Finder Upgrade

LR1 Laser Range Finder Upgrade

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LR1 Laser Range Finder

  • Integrated Lightware SF20/C sensor

    • Maximum Range - 100 meters

    • Update Rate - 1Hz

Add-on distance sensor module for the LR1 payload on Astro!

This LRF accessory and its specific counterweight* is user installable and mounts to the LR1 Payload with 4 screws and plugs into the expansion port.

Once installed, a live preview of the distance readout is displayed in AMC.** When a photo is captured, the distance readout at that time is also saved in the image metadata. 

*Adding more than one module on the LR1 payload will require different counterweight, sold separately.

**The use of the distance sensor requires an additional app to be installed on Astro.

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