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-Size:120*120*82.7mm; 193*172.4*180.6mm (with gimbal)
-Weight:580g; 1041g (with gimbal)
-IP Grade:IP5X
-Support UAV Models:DJI M300/M350 RTK
other fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAVs -Working Temperature:-20°C-65°C

-Absolute Precision:Plane precision: 3cm, height precision: 5cm GSD=3cmflight speed 15m/s, front overlap 80%, side overlap 70%;
-Camera Power Supply:External: DC 12-50V
-Camera Interface:DJI Skyport Interface & Common Interface

-Effective Pixels:Single lens ≥ 25 million pixels, > 125 million pixels in total -Sensor:Sensor size: 23.1x15.4mm (APS-C)
-Pixel size: 3.76um
-Image Size:6144×4096 px

-Data Storage:Photo/POS file with GPS information and camera parameter information -Focal Lens:Oblique: 35mm, normal incidence: 25mm
-Oblique Angle:45 Degree
-ISO Interval:50-200,50-400,50-640,50-800,50-1000,50-1600

-Shutter Speed:1/5001/6401/8001/10001/1250
-ApertureSize: F5.6
-Storage Capacity:The data storage module is pluggable and removable with 1280GB capacity. -Shooting Interval:≥ 0.5S
Parameter Adjustment:Support modifying ISO, white balance, color mode, shutter speed and other parameters; Support modifying the parameters by DJI Pilot
-Data Copying:Copying data by data reading module, the copying speed can reach 600Mb/s -Operating Mode:Flight control trigger/isometric trigger/isochronous trigger
-Stable System:3-axis (Pitch, roll, yaw)
Installation Method:DJI quickly disassembled and installed Skyport interface ; Universal adapter for connecting third-party UAV port
-Gimbal Rotating Range:Pitch

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