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UAS Sentry Antenna Cable

UAS Sentry Antenna Cable

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MOOKEERF Coaxial N Male to N Male Cable,KMR400 Coaxial Cable N Male to Male, Low Loss N Cable N Male Cable N Coax Cable for 3G/4G/5G/LTE/ADS-B/Ham/GPS/WiFi/RF Radio to Antenna or Surge Arrester Use

  • Ultra Low Loss - MOOKEERF KMR400 50ft N cable with n male to n male connector. It is ultra low loss n to n cable. The inner of N cable is made of aluminum foil and tinned copper braid shields, it incurs a very low signal attenuation. It can be used in almost any application where good handling characteristics, improved shielding, and low loss is required.

  • Low SWR - The Swr of N-type cable is less than 1.15. Every N male to N male cable is fully tested by USA KEYSIGHT E5071C ENA network analyzers to confirmed its quality. It is best for uninterrupted transfer of signals while reducing signal loss over large distances and higher frequency use.

  • Thick and Heavy Duty - The outer material of this N male cable feature with waterproof PVC jacket. The length of type N cable connection between cable and connector is up to 2.2” heat shrink tube with inner adhesive and the end is clamped connector design. It would provide a heavy duty and professionally connection, making it tougher and able to stand abrasion. It can be used inside building or outside buildings. No worried about the connector come off.

  • Compatibility - This N male to N male cable can be used in most of connections between 50-Ohm amplifiers & accessories and antenna. It is ideal for antenna extension, booster repeater, 4g LTE, gmrs repeater, outdoor antennas, receivers, meters and etc.

  • Professional Produce - MOOKEERF is a professional manufacturer who produces type N cable over 10 years. We are confident with the quality of our product and willing to provide 12 months warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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