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UAS Sentry POE Drone Detection

UAS Sentry POE Drone Detection

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Power Over Ethernet (POE) Drone Detection device.

Customers will need Ethernet Cables, Coaxial Cable for Antenna and an Antenna.  If no POE Switch available a POE injector is needed for power

  • Drone Detection: When a drone takes off, it's required, by law, to broadcast a Remote ID identifier that includes its geographic location (latitude, longitude, height, heading, speed) as well as the pilot's location (latitude, longitude).
  • UAS Sentry detects drone Remote ID identifiers and sends the data directly to the UAS Sentry cloud where it can be viewed on any browser ( The data can also be sent directly to a connected phone.
  • Push Notifications: Receive real-time push notifications to your IOS device (e.g., iPhone, iPad) when a drone enters the area you are monitoring.
  • Connect an external antenna up to 150 feet away and detect drones well over 5 miles away (depending on environmental conditions). Antenna and cable sold separately.
  • The drone detection system is fully automatic and requires no human intervention.
  • The enterprise unit allows the drone data to also be sent your own server.
  • Firmware updates can be pushed to the device if it is connected to a 2.4G Wifi network..
  • Use Cases: Energy Infrastructure Prisons Airport Executive Security Stadium Security Police / State Patrol Wild Fires School Security Home Owners Air Shows Marathons Championship celebrations
  • LED Status Lamp: A red / green status lamp tells you at a glance if drones are in the area. Green for no drones detected, flashing red for drones approaching the monitored area. Steady red for drones in the monitored area.
  • Mesh Network: Use multiple POE units to create an umbrella coverage area over an entire site. Once deployed officials can easily see current and past drone activity using the


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